Posted: October 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

PurposeTo understand even a little, why you, why now, or why not? Awaken with awareness, curious about the path that leads there.  Purpose is our whole reason for breathing.  God has placed us all here for His purpose.  First, it is His desire that we return to Him on this earth.  For some of us, it is obvious.  For some of us, we can’t stand the thought of being controlled. That idea is the lack of understanding His love and wisdom that drove us away from Him.

For example, a child needs guidance and boundaries.  As he/she grows from baby to child, you teach that child with every waking moment.  Think about things you would speak to that child: Don’t touch, Leave that alone, Stop it, etc. These are all strong commands meant to protect the child. Why is that we’re OK with protecting while we’re not OK with being protected?  So that this doesn’t go off track…well, our purpose while in Him is to have the advantage.  His benefits reallocate our purpose.

So how could we remain blind? Without Him, our purpose is worthless.  Even from childhood, we could see our natural gifts and talents in bloom.  It has been said several times: the closest people to God are children.  In the Bible, Jesus chastises His disciples for sending children away.  Then He told them, told us, we should be like children in this life to serve God.  Many adults grew up away from their natural talents and gifts.  This moved them away from their God-given purpose.

Some people take jobs as an end to meet the means.  They have somehow buried childhood dreams and goals.  These were deposited by God Himself.  These ambitions made them happy.  So how can we remain blind to our own happiness? Why is misery so comfortable? Whenever I meet a person who is shooting for the stars despite the woes of this world, I am in awe.  That shouldn’t be.  On the daily, encounters of faith filled people should be common.

Your faith is tied to your purpose….again remember childhood goals.  At that time, you could not be stopped.  You didn’t care who thought your ideas were stupid.  The closer I get to God, the closer I am to my childhood dreams.  The Lord has spoken to me about businesses and non-profits.  I am on the path still small whispers lead me too.  I could tell you a lot more….while I decided to ask this instead:

What are you doing to get to His purpose for your life?

Believe me, since I have been on His path, it has been so rewarding.  Who would have thought? He knows best.  He knows what I need.  I can hardly explain it.  I will say this. I have tried to do things my way and failed horribly.  Even at times when I had some form of success it was too stressful.  With Him all things are possible and effortlessly done. 

The purpose driven life is book that many people are familiar with, some of you might even read it.  Are you living it? I have not read it through.  I needed to walk it through instead.  When will we take the pages of a book like that, most importantly the Bible, deposit it and see a return on our investment.

Purpose is not tricky.    It has been revealed to us all.  Listening to that still small voice inside loving, leading, and guiding us has become tricky.  Cloudy at best is how I can explain why we haven’t followed the Holy Spirit promptings.  We grew up into our sin…sending us away from God and His purpose our lives. Get back to God through His path, getting back to His purpose.  As you figured, I referring to ‘His purpose’….trust me, it is His. It is designed to make you happy and at peace though. 


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